​Cody Wallace hadn’t known his biological father for the first twenty years of his life. After his mother’s Hawaiian vacation, that all changed. Now his parents were married and living the dream life they thought had fallen away from them and Cody couldn’t have been happier. Except for Lily. Cody had fallen in love with Lily and her daughter from the first time they met and, after years of coaxing, he convinced Lily to bring Faith to Hawaii for a long weekend. It was during that weekend that Cody proposed and, finally, Lily said yes. But there were roadblocks for them and one of them was Bruce. Lily had known Bruce since they were in their teens and her daughter was a baby. Those years had been abusive and violent and Lily had never had the strength or courage to end it. When Lily returned to LA to begin the moving process, Bruce discovered her plans to move and marry and was outraged. Taking that rage out on Lily she was rushed to the hospital clinging to life. After a year in prison for his actions, Bruce was determined to find her and make her pay for his imprisonment. Now Cody, Lily and Faith are hidden away on the island of Ni’ihau where their safety should have been guaranteed, but Bruce has gotten through guards and restrictions and was closing in quickly. Follow the chase through the darkness and see if Lily and Cody will finally find where their forever begins.

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Readers Favorite 5 Star Review

Readers Favorite 5 Star Review

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​Forever Again , A Cabin in the Woods , and NOW... FOREVER BEGINS are recipients of​ Reader's Favorites 5 Star reviews !e your paragraph here.

............I like to think of myself as a serious romance reader. I love romance and I live for the next book. Sometimes they fall short and sometimes they just surpass my expectations. When you have read romance so much, you become used to the story lines and the characters, and you become better at predicting the story. Forever Again raised my expectations right from the start and kept raising them until the very end. This was perhaps one novel that I wished would just go on and on and not end at all. The characters were given time to develop and grow, the plot line was perfectly in sync with the reader, and the way the story was written was just simply amazing. I loved everything about this novel, but I especially loved the way Linda Stiles Fox wrote this sweet, emotional, and adventurous romance!

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite....

  Forever Again

      Madison Reeves is eighteen, engaged and pregnant.  Her fiance', Brody Mason, has a great job offer that he thinks will help them reach their future faster.  He leaves one night to make the connection with the new businessmen and never returns.  Twenty years later, Madison receives an all expense paid two week vacation in the beautiful Hawaiian islands, but she doesn't know who sent it.  Her son, Cody, convinces her to go.  Sam Wallace is waiting for her at the gate when she arrives and seems to show up everywhere she goes.  When her son arrives the day before his birthday after receiving the same anonymous vacation gift, Madison starts to worry.  The very wealthy and handsome Sam not only wins her heart, but her son's as well and, just when Madison decides to relocate to the paradise she now loves, Sam breaks some shocking news.  Twenty years ago, Madison promised Brody she would love him forever.  Can she now find new love and make it last forever again?

In Forever Begins (Island Love Volume 2) by Linda Stiles Fox, Cody Wallace was content with life as he knew it. He was successful in business and felt in control. He hadn’t known much of a childhood life with both parents, for reasons you will discover for yourself, and so relished the companionship of Lily and her daughter, Faith. Lily has a trust issue – with good reason. She enjoys Cody’s company and loves to watch the affection he displays toward Faith; beyond that she does not feel worthy of more. She has given up. Her life consists of disrespect and abuse constantly thrown her way by Bruce, the partner she relies upon to sustain her, but she is afraid of him. Love no longer lives in her heart for any man. Bruce has successfully killed it.

This beautiful story follows Lily’s struggles to keep Faith stable and herself sane and safe. Enter Cody and his family. They are the epitome of love and generosity and yet Lily continually distances herself from what she views as unwarranted warmth. She is not used to it. To tell you more would spoil Linda Stiles Fox’s delightful romantic gem. I read the book quickly because it was so engrossing. It reveals the many ups and downs of relationships between people from totally different social backgrounds, and how or if they can succeed. Page by page, I wondered if Lily could ever trust Cody enough to open her heart to him. Bruce relentlessly pursued her to destroy her. Does he succeed? Does she find love after the torment of her life? Only by reading this book for yourself will you find out. Thoroughly recommended