Since the completion of this page we are sad to say Linda has lost her long battle with Carcinoid Cancer. Although she has left us I will still monitor all of her social media accounts. So please if you have any questions or comments please contact me from the contacts page.

                                      ...William O. Fox

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Linda Stiles Fox


Linda Stiles Fox  now has six books currently available at with 5 available in the Kindle  addition..."Never Too Late", "Reflections of the Heart", "A Cabin in the Woods", "Forever Again" and her first Holiday book "Santa's Little Secret" and her latest novel " Forever Begins".  Born in Worcester, MA, she was raised in Peoria, IL and relocated to the west coast at the age of 19.  After children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, she's now spending her time enjoying writing and publishing.  She currently lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband, dog, 2 cats and numerous fish.  She loves the water and spends as many weekends as possible enjoying  the waves. She has been in treatment for Carcinoid Cancer for the past year and a half and promotes awareness for the rare disease.   She admits to having addictions to works by Sandra Brown as well as indulging in anything chocolate and playing silly Facebook games.  Her motto to live by is “Every decision has a consequence” and she gives all credit to God for her courage and determination to complete and publish what she loves to do.  Her current work "Forever Begins" will be a sequel to "Forever Again", which has just received 5 stars in a review from Readers' Favorite.  “Forever Again”, "A Cabin in the Woods" and "Santa's Little Secret" are now in hard copy and available for purchase through Amazon, Create Space or her website  You can follow Linda on Facebook at Linda Stiles Fox - Author, Twitter at @LindaStilesFox and through her website.

​Forever Again , A Cabin in the Woods , and NOW... FOREVER BEGINS are winners of​ Reader's Favorites 5 Star reviews !e your paragraph here.

Carcinoid NETs Day

Once Upon a Time...

There was a woman who seemed to truly have her life together…in her mid- 60s, retired with 5 grown children, 14 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.  For the first time in their married life, she and her husband were “empty nesters” and living happily in their new home with their dog and two cats.  She was finally doing what she loved to do…write and publish.  Then, during a trip to urgent care for acute stomach pain, she was told she was in the advanced stages of cancer.

Yep!  That was me!  I can relive that day with just the close of my eyes.  The room filled with a silence that hurts your ears and no one moved.  When I finally raised my eyes to my husband’s I saw the changes come and go…confusion, disbelief, anger and, finally, tears.  He seemed to move toward me in slow motion.  His arms wrapped around me and I thought “this is crazy!” ............

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