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5 Stars..... 5 Stars!!
By Malissa on July 21, 2014
The story was well written and I loved the characters. Would love to see a sequel!!

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5 Stars.....Great Book!!
By  Mary G.  on August 26, 2014
Great Book!! Couldn't Put It Down!


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     Joel has a crush on the girl who sits next to him in his college math class. Holly is completely unaware of his affections, but, when they end up working in the same toy store over the holidays, things change quickly. When "Santa" is suddenly taken ill and Joel takes over, Santa's elf, Holly, has no idea who he is or what secrets he's keeping hidden from her. In the midst of toys, children, sparkling lights and decorations, Holly admits she's falling in love with her toy store Santa. Her Christmas wish of finding someone to love just might come true.raph here.

5 Stars.....Recommended for all who love the fun & spirit of the holiday season.
By Donald Ozello on May 15, 2017
I had the great pleasure of meeting the author. Linda Stiles Fox, at a local Las Vegas author's event. I love the holidays so I bought a copy of her book Santa's Little Secret. I planned on waiting until the holiday season to read it but instead grabbed it off my bookshelf and read it in May.
Santa's Little Secret by Linda Stiles Fox is easy and enjoyable reading. The story is well structured and very well written. The characters are extremely likeable.
I recommend this book for all who enjoy the fun and spirit of Christmas & Santa Claus.


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.......Taylor sat in the middle of the pink and white ruffled and ribboned bedroom with a gray stuffed elephant on her lap. It was on its way into the box in front of her, ready to join the many other plush toys in preparation for their journey. But the elephant, with worn ears and a fraying eye and a tusk that was more gray than white, deserved an extra moment of love before being sealed in the darkness. This was the first stuffed animal she’d bought for Miranda.

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5 Stars.....
By Amazon Customer on March 4, 2014
The story drew me in immediately, I was emotionally engaged with the characters and rooting for a happy ending! I can't wait to find more by this author

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5 stars.....  Fun and feisty romance!
By Erika Duggan on April 20, 2014
The main characters are real and interesting. Great book about falling in love even when it's not in the plan.

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Reader's Favorite !!

​​​​​​ A Cabin in the Woods.....

     Pamela Bradford Tinsley is moving across the United States to work in her father's West Coast offices. Although happy to be working with her father, she is not happy that her father's main interest seems to be setting her up with his right hand man Dallas Trent. After making it perfectly clear she's not interested in this or any other relationship at the moment, Pam takes a much needed vacation before starting her new position in the company. Her destination...the family cabin in Colorado where she hasn't visited since she was a teenager. In the meantime, Dallas is taking a week off himself and Simon Tinsley has offered him his empty cabin for a week of fishing and relaxing. It's just the kind of week Dallas needs, until a small, blonde stranger interrupts his sleep at midnight. With neither willing to divulge personal information or give up their rights to the cabin, a week of grief seems to be their destiny. But destiny has other ideas for these two...and falling in love is at the top of that list.

Reflections of the Heart....

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​     Loryn Hamilton has been through more than her heart can handle. The death of her parents and her grandparents and having her fiance' leave her two weeks before their wedding has brought her to a snowy night of reflection. Teaching dance classes has kept her going and the eyes that watch her in the mirror of her studio warm her heart. But, those eyes belong to the father of one of her students and how can her heart survive loving a married man?

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